Faculty Workshop: Jupyter Notebooks in the Classroom

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jupyter notebooks seminar

Faculty Workshop
Jupyter Notebooks in the Classroom

Dr. Jeff Mills
Associate Head, School of Chemistry and Materials Science, RIT
Director, Science Exploration Program, RIT

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Dr. Jeff Mills (SCMS/ISA) will lead a workshop on using Jupyter Notebooks as a tool for engaging STEM students in computer programming and applications.

Does your class use math, statistics, graphing, data analysis, or simulations? Are you looking for free alternatives to packages like Matlab? Were you aware that RIT has an open resource, called JupyterHub, that provides a convenient way to share and display code and is available to all faculty, students, and staff? This workshop will cover the use of Python and Jupyter Notebooks in a classroom/lab setting. We will look at setting up Jupyter for the classroom, a grading workflow, and example assignments. Experience with Python is a plus but not required as you will be able to follow along and see what possibilities exist. Also, JupyterHub currently supports Python and R.
The photo above is a figure that was generated by students in the First Class Academy course Practical Programming in Science. The assignment was to do basic statistical analysis of daily weather data collected in Glacier National Park over the past 125 years.

Jeff Mills
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When and Where
October 15, 2021
2:15 pm - 4:15 pm
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This is an RIT Only Event

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