Scholarship in the 21st Century: Race and Gender in Scholarship

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Join us for a panel discussion on the disparities of race and gender in scholarly publishing. Speakers will address their work creating and editing journals; collaboratively building training resources tailored to different audiences in the scholarly publishing community; and administering research efforts in a STEM-focused college.

Moderator: Laverne McQuiller-Williams, Interim Dean, College of Liberal Arts, RIT

Jocelyn Dawson - Project leader, Toolkits in Equity & Journals Marketing Manager, Duke University Press

In support of necessary change, the Toolkits for Equity project leaders are working to create three toolkits to provide resources for allies; for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color; and for organizations. These toolkits provide a common framework for analysis, a shared vocabulary, and best practices to address racial disparities specific to the scholarly publishing community.

Rebecca Sumner, Assistant Dean for Research, College of Engineering Technology, RIT

Dean Sumner will present on gender and research in the College of Engineering Technology on how to support female faculty in building their research.

Seretha D Williams - Editor of Third Stone Journal on Afro-Futurism & Professor of English and Women's & Gender Studies, Augusta University.

Third Stone Journal is devoted to Afrofuturism and other modes of the Black Fantastic. It is a starting place for a necessary conversation on literature, art, music, digital content, popular culture, and more that seeks to inject activism by advocating for the removal of obstacles that have habitually stifled and/or silenced people of African descent, their imagination, and things produced as a result.

This event is open to anyone and will be held virtually on Zoom. Please register to receive the Zoom link. This event will be recorded.

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October 30, 2020
1:00 pm - 2:30 pm
Room/Location: Zoom

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