Tiger Tech Talk: Top Tips for Protecting Your Data

What role do you have in protecting your data? How do you determine what data you should share? What data is shared by the applications and devices you use?  What steps can you take to protect your information?Join Aldwin Maloto, Information Security Officer, and Ben Woelk, ISO Program Manager, as they discuss the reasons for protecting your data and provide key steps you can take to protect your data, both at home and at RIT.Aldwin Maloto ‘09, MBA, CISA, CISM, is Information Security Officer and is a graduate of the RIT Saunders College of Business. He’s been with RIT since 2016 and provides leadership in ensuring RIT has the proper security controls to enable RIT  to complete and excel at its academic mission.Ben Woelk ‘07, CISSP, CPTC, is Information Security Office Program Manager and completed an Advanced Certificate in Technical Information Design from RIT. Ben is responsible for Security Awareness and Training at RIT and is an active member of the EDUCAUSE Higher Education Information Security Council.  This event is part of Love Data Week at RIT Libraries. Other Love Data events include: Introduction to Machine Learning (February 5 @ 1:00)Interactive Art Powered by Data (February 7 @ 1:00)Considering Ethics in Mapping and Analyzing Local Narcotics Data (February 11 @ 3:00)

Rebekah Walker
Event Snapshot
When and Where
February 12, 2020
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
Room/Location: 2430 (VIA Lab)

This is an RIT Only Event