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  • Beautiful Solutions
    Santosh Kurinec addresses Qatar Foundation’s Annual Research Conference
  • Beautiful Solutions
    2014 Turkman Scholar Award presented to Karine Florent
  • Beautiful Solutions
    Sean Rommel named Distinguished Lecturer by Electron Devices Society
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    New Alumni of MicroE -- Class of 2016
  • Beautiful Solutions
    Engineering student builds his own cleanroom at home

Microelectronic engineers design and fabricate electronic devices and systems or subsystems using extremely small components - integrated circuits (IC's). We create layers and features that range in size from millimeters down to tens of nanometers.

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  • MicroE Faculty inducted in RIT Innovation Hall of Fame
  • MicroE Student in Action


  • This is an amazing field that encompasses many different subjects such as...
    Matthew Hartensveld
  • In my first year, I was given the ability to work and experience the...
    Madison Davis
  • I transferred to RIT expecting a top-notch technical education and I was...
    Eric Evangelou
  • Every second I have spent in the program has only convinced me that I made...
    Julia Okvath
  • The uniqueness of the microelectronic engineering program has been a...
    Brian Romanczyk
  • I am convinced that KGCOE is one of the best, if not the best, colleges at...
    James Mnatzaganian


  • The faculty and students in Microelectronic Engineering are engaged in research in a broad range of interdisciplinary fields...