Hospitality, service systems programs move to Saunders College of Business

Transition contributes to a 10 percent growth in enrollment in business college

RIT hospitality and service systems students returning to campus in the fall will now be part of Saunders College of Business. As of July 1, majors in hospitality and tourism management, and graduate majors in hospitality and tourism management, service leadership and innovation and human resource development, as well as advanced certificates in organizational learning and service leadership and innovation, transitioned into the business college from the College of Engineering Technology.

The programs are now part of the Department of International Hospitality and Service Innovation in Saunders College. William Dresnack, associate professor and department chair for the finance and accounting department in Saunders College, will lead the department as interim chair.

“I am excited to have the opportunity to work for the next year with the great faculty and staff teams from the hospitality and tourism management and service systems programs,” said Dresnack. “Both programs have a long and successful history as well as many distinguished and accomplished alumni. I believe these programs, faculty, staff and students will complement many things we are doing in Saunders College, and I’m looking forward to helping to continue to build the quality and reputation of these programs.”

As a result of the transition, the programs contribute to a 10 percent growth in enrollment for Saunders College.

Saunders College of Business Dean Jacqueline Mozrall stressed the important role that business and technology plays in the hospitality and service-related industries, and the natural synergies that will make the programs stronger.

“As we look ahead, there is a growing need for hospitality and service-related professionals who are educated in hybrid business roles with technology at their core that can be used to formulate strategic initiatives that transform organizations and drive measurable outcomes,” Mozrall added. “With this transition comes significant growth to Saunders College, and we welcome all hospitality and tourism management and service systems students and alumni into the Saunders College community.”


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