How to Use the Saunders Support Network

The Saunders community supports its graduate students!

As a graduate student at Saunders, you have a support system of staff dedicated to your education and career goals. Anything you have questions about, your team can help with from the application process past graduation.

The “Your Team” directory gives insight to the team members that can help you with every field. Peggy Tirrell for admissions questions, Matthew Cornwell for program questions, Anne Zachmeyer and Noelle Lawton for academic advising,  Judy Dumitru for financial aid help, Julian Huenerfauth for career services… the list goes on! Your support system is designed to make your graduate degree comprehensive and beneficial to you. Contact information for your personal coaches are available on the directory. Meet some of your coaches below.

Peggy TirrellApplication Questions?

Talk to Peggy A. Tirrell

Sr. Associate Director of Graduate Business Programs and Admissions

As an admissions representative, Peggy helps facilitate your application process and prepare you for orientation.


Matthew CornwellRecruitment and Program Questions?

Meet Matthew Cornwell

Assistant Director of Student Services and Outreach

Matt can help you with questions about any program you are interested in, as well as admissions.


Anne ZachmeyerNeed Help with Course Scheduling and Program Goals?Noelle Lawton

Anne Zachmeyer and Noelle Lawton

Graduate Academic Advisors

Anne and Noelle specialize in keeping you on track to graduate! From orientation to graduation, they make sure you meet your degree requirements and program goals while specializing your degree to your liking. Contact them about coursework and classes.

Judy DumitruNeed Financial Aid Help?

Just ask Judy Dumitru

Assistant Director of Financial Aid and Scholarships

Make sure that you are getting all of the financial aid available to you. Judy can help with questions about scholarships and financial aid.


Julian HuenerfauthLooking for a job or internship?

Julian Huenerfauth is your man

Assistant Director for International Student Career Services

Julian is your dedicated career coach, here to help you meet and plan for your career goals. He can help you find opportunities for employment and explore career options.


Along with “Your Team” comes the Saunders Community, a network of faculty and alumni with  the connections to help you get a head start on your career. You will have the opportunity to interact with our alumni network of more than 25,000 people through social media and featured events. Our Community provides connections that may help you land an internship, a scholarship, or even a career. To meet Saunders alumni, view their profiles and connect with them via LinkedIn and other social media platforms. Check out the Saunders Social Media directory to network with distinguished alumni and students.

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