Mask Mandate Ends for Riders on RIT Transportation

Change takes effect immediately and follows state guidance

Students and employees are no longer required to wear masks on RIT transportation (RIT shuttles, buses, and vans). The change, which takes effect immediately, comes after a New York state directive ending the mask mandate on statewide mass transit. We know that good airflow helps to decrease the risk of transmission. Therefore some windows and vents will be open on RIT transportation as weather allows.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has also eased guidance, mainly relying on individuals to decide what precautions they should take based on their health history and how much COVID-19 is spreading in their communities. The CDC has said COVID-19 now poses a much lower threat to public health due to high levels of immunity in the population from vaccination and the availability of treatments.

Masks are still required at RIT health care facilities (including the Student Health Center, Rochester Regional Health Family Clinic, and the NTID Audiology Center). Individuals are encouraged to assess their own personal risk when deciding how and when to mask in optional locations. As always, we welcome masks in any location on campus.

We will continue monitoring the pandemic situation and communicate additional information as needed. Please follow the RIT Ready website, and the RIT Safety Plan for updated information.