Premedical Student Association introduces ‘Operation Brain Food’

Operation Brain Food is a multi-layered experience designed by the Premedical Student Association to show visitors the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

The biomedical students, based in the College of Health Sciences and Technology, target their message through the taste buds. Baristas at a Granola Bar will serve custom-made granola containing healthy ingredients. Visitors will be able to pick what they would like while learning about the health benefits and nutritional information of each ingredient.

Children can visit the brain-making station where they can make crayon brains, while visitors of all ages can play a life-size version of the game Operation. The board will combine the original game and a more realistic version with plastic models of organs and bonesl.

The student exhibitors will wrap up Operation Brain Food with examples of healthy and unhealthy lifestyle choices and their effects on the body as illustrated in a display of preserved human organs.

“Making that connection between nutrition and cognition is extremely important, and I am very proud and impressed by what the Premedical Student Association put together,” says Elizabeth Perry, director of biomedical sciences in the College of Health Sciences and Technology. “It is extremely exciting to see these students actively applying their classroom learning and also passing on knowledge to younger kids coming up.”

Operation Brain Food will run all day, May 5, at the Center for Bioscience Education and Technology, room 1160.

Exhibitors include:

Tiffany Reeder, Zach Zmich, Emily Wagner, Suzanne Jokajtys, Nicholas Biondi, Kirsten Burkhardt, Sarah Kelso, Mary Leeman, Jamie Colaprete, Zakary Skinner, Sean Bourne, Seamus Cuttler, Parrish Skinner, Katie Smith, Marissa Adamson, Julia Findlay, Kelsey Beyea, Riley Clark, Chris Haltigin, Taylor McReynolds, Trevor Eckenswiller, Victoria Nachar, Oluwadara Coker, James Fasano, Brittany Fowler, Jordan Grimshaw, Victoria MacPherson, Ryan Ormiston, Daniel Yee, Jeff Henstenburg, Larissa St Louis, Andrea Leverenz, Amy Brower, Russell Schultz, Dawn Walton, Stephanie Crespo, Derek Sun, Elizabeth Gienger, Jessica Dustin, Uyen Dand


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