RIT to Host Spring Astronomical Society Meeting of New York

Presentations will cover research on black holes, gravity waves and star clusters

The Astrophysics group at Rochester Institute of Technology is hosting the annual spring meeting for the Astronomical Society of New York on April 18.

Meeting attendants will include professors, professionals and students from 12 colleges and universities in New York state. The event is focused on research and provides a chance for professionals to gather, discuss findings and strengthen relationships within the community.

Graduate students Fabio Antonini, Marcello Ponce, Christine Trombley and Grant Trembley will give talks on a variety of topics including black holes, gravitational waves, star clusters and radio galaxies.

Invited speaker Heidi Newberg, from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, will discuss dwarf galaxies collapsing into our Milky Way galaxy. Stan Metchev, from State University of New York at Stony Brook, will give a lecture titled “Cool Brown Dwarfs in Our Backyard.”

Also on the discussion table is the possibility of New York building its own world-class telescope. Having a high-powered telescope dedicated to the New York program would make a great difference to the Astronomical Society.

“The New York astronomical community is rich in talent, expertise and enthusiasm. This telescope is even more important in a world where access to world-class facilities is critical to the health of our research efforts,” says Christopher O’Dea, associate professor of physics at RIT.

More information about astrophysics at RIT can be found at astrophysics.rit.edu. Details about the meeting are available at astrophysics.rit.edu/asny09.


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