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The New Horizons spacecraft flew by Pluto and is headed for the Kuiper Belt in the outer solar system. The space camera aboard New Horizons, in the artist’s illustration above, could be used to re-measure the brightness of the cosmic optical background, said RIT scientist Michael Zemcov.

News about an RIT scientist’s research with the NASA New Horizons spacecraft was the most read story last month. Check out all of April’s top stories and videos.

Top News Stories

1. RIT scientist measures brightness of the universe with NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft

2. RIT’s Image Permanence Institute names Jennifer Jae Gutierrez as new executive director

3. RIT scores high in ‘CEO Magazine’ 2017 Global MBA rankings

4. RIT prepares students on autism spectrum for professional success

5. Satellite galaxies at edge of Milky Way coexist with dark matter, says RIT study

Top Videos

1. 2017 Imagine RIT commercial

2. RIT Greatness

3. Robert Panara first-day-of-issue stamp

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