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Company Name Western Pennsylvania School for the Deaf
Name Todd Behanna
Title HR Specialist
Phone 5703090173
Phone Type Videophone
Job Title Technology Education Teacher
Job Type Permanent
Start Date 08/16/2021
Address 300 E Swissvale Ave
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 15218
United States
Job Description

At WPSD, teachers work with children between the ages of 2 and 21. Teachers are responsible for instructional programming in academics, language development and communication, in addition to guiding students toward healthy social, emotional and vocational adjustment.

a. Plan, prepare and present lessons of appropriate work to their students in the vocational areas.

b. Use appropriate communication techniques to assure clarity and accuracy of conveyed information.

c. Work with Principals and support staff in guiding parents toward identifying their child’s strengths and weaknesses and in programming for them accordingly through the IEP process.

d. Attend in-service meetings and departmental meetings to participate in decision making, to maintain current knowledge in the field, and to gain understanding of new techniques and methodologies in education.

e. Participate in curriculum development and curriculum revision projects.

f. Maintain records of grades, achievement and discipline according to the needs of each assigned student.

g. Collaborate with other teachers to assure appropriate and dynamic programming for all students.

h. Work on extracurricular committees or projects and perform related work assignments as needed.

i. Responsible for ordering supplies and needed materials for the specific vocational area(s) in order to carry out the curriculum.

j. Other duties as assigned.



(Clearances must be maintained every five years by the employee).

PA. Instructional I or Instructional II Certification in Technology Education
Certification of PA Mandated Reporting Training
PA State Police Criminal Clearance (Act 34)
PA Child Abuse History Clearance
FBI Clearance
Act 82


Vocational teachers are preferred to enter with additional certification in hearing impaired and with some experience. The minimum requirement for this position is a bachelor’s level degree with certification in Technology Education.

Drivers’ Education instructor credentials are preferred upon hire; if do not have, willingness to work towards receiving certification is requested.

The Sign Language Proficiency Interview level (SLPI) for this position is “Advanced.” The minimum level accepted at hire is “No Functional Skills.”

Crisis Prevention Intervention (CPI) training is required and must be maintained by the employee.


This position may require the following physical demands:
- sitting, standing, walking, frequent bending, crouching, reaching, stooping, kneeling, crawling
- lifting and moving of lighter objects such as books, chairs, student desks, educational materials related to department such as canned goods, bags of groceries, bolts of fabric, tools, lumber, cans of paint and solvent
- attend to needs of students
- may require lifting or helping to lift students
- manual dexterity skills for using office equipment
- ability to read and attend to computer screens for long periods of time
- ability to assist in physical restraint of students as per CPI requirements

Applicants should submit the following: Resume, Cover Letter
Degree levels accepted: Bachelor, Graduate
Email application materials to:
Prescreen Applicants No
Send to NCCC instead No
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