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Company Information
Company Name: Columbus Colony Housing, Inc

Job Information
Job Title: Columbus Colony Housing, Inc. Position: Service Coordinator
Job Type: Permanent
Job Description:
Job Description and Worker Characteristics: Service coordinators, as a
valuable member of Columbus Colony Housing (CCH) management team, provide
critical services to enhance functional and self-sufficiency capabilities of
Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Hearing senior citizens and People with Disabilities
in affordable housing communities at Columbus Colony Housing I and Columbus
Colony Housing II.
Role: To link the residents to supportive services and external community
resources to maintain their independence while preventing premature admission
to cost prohibitive institutionalized care, save taxpayer dollars by
assisting residents age in place, and appropriately benefit from independent
living within affordable housing at Columbus Colony Housing I & II (CCH).
Assisting Facility Manager with supporting individual resident needs, as need
and assigned.
Job Duties:
• Upholds evidence based best practices, expectation of roles, scope of
practice, and implementation of duties per American Association of Service
Coordinators ( [1]) and is not to perform any
mental health or social work duties that is outside of ethical boundaries
affiliated with service coordinator discipline.
• Assessing needs and providing emotional support, compassionate response,
and accompaniment, if appropriately determined by service coordinator, to
empower CCH residents in need of service coordination, facilitation of
linkage to external community resources with appropriate providers, crisis
intervention, advocacy, safety planning, and coordination of care.
• Provision of assistance with placement of phone calls and transliteration
services to access and secure necessary services pertaining to medical
services from doctor’s offices, billing/insurance coordination needs, job
training services, advocacy/educational and empowerment services related to
past/present crime victimization, transportation, applications for benefits
and entitlement programs, external home care and benefits, living wills,
legal issues and additional needs as identified by CCH residents.
• Development and management of Service Coordinator’s resource guide to
enhance service coordination including an education to increase knowledge in
accessing resources, implementation of linkage, facilitation, and advocacy
for adequate, timely, and cost-effective provision of services with strong
ethical practices and in good standing.
• Fosters and collaborative working relationships with statewide
organizations such as Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities, Franklin
County Developmental Disabilities, Office of Aging, Adult Protection
Services, Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities, Ohio Alliance of
Community Centers for the Deaf, Citizens for Deaf Culture, Deaf Women of
Ohio, Ohio Deaf-Blind Association, Ohio Association for the Deaf, Ohio School
for the Deaf, Ohio School for the Deaf Alumni Association, and statewide
specialized service, mental health, and anti-violence organizations, local
law enforcement, and additional organizations to promote a strong network of
multidisciplinary representatives united in effective response to needs of
residents at CCH.
• Serves as main point of contact (POC) in preparation, coordination, and
establishment of health, educational, and empowerment workshops, with
community partners, to enhance functionality including safety information to
enhance independent living experience at CCH.
• Collaborates with CCH Manager, as part of management team to reduce
apartment turnover and damage by intervening and assisting with resolution
and lease violations; and facilitate a stronger sense of safe and healthy
community within CCH through service coordination and prevention/intervention
workshops to decrease crime victimization incidents thereby increasing
marketability of CCH as an optimal living environment for senior citizens and
people with disabilities.
• Maintaining necessary service coordination documentation for HUD grants
and/any future grants to support service coordination activities.
• Maintains professional and technical knowledge to enhance best practices
in service coordination roles, duties, and scope of practice by attending
continuing education workshops, conferences, reviewing professional
publications, establishing professional networks including board service,
taskforce, and advisory groups.
• Participation in supervisory meetings with OSDAA Board and team meetings
with CCH Manager and CCH representatives for maximum success of service
coordination services for CCH residents.
• Maintains professional behavior by respecting and upholding the
confidentiality of CCH residents during on/off working hours as service
• Maintains strict confidentiality of practices and processes of HUD grant
activities during employment status as Columbus Colony Service Coordinator.
Note: Supervisor, Facility Manager, will assign individualized scope of
duties to CCH Service Coordinator as appropriate.


Fluent in American Sign Language (mandatory)

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