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Merck Automation Engineering Co-Op
Fall, Spring, Summer
Lansdale , Pennsylvania
United States

PLEASE NOTE - this is a 6 month co-op Spring/Summer or Summer/Fall
Students responsible for their own housing.

Overview- The discovery of new medicines is challenging and requires the collaboration of a wide range of skill sets across science and engineering. The Merck Automation Engineering Co-Op will be responsible for the design, development, and execution of complex experiments.

Responsibilities include the following tasks :
-Gathering information from collaborating scientists and engineers to construct requirements
-Designing and building necessary components, programs and determining how they may work together
-Creating diagrams and models to guide users
-Ensuring designed instrumentation and programs run appropriately
-Collaborating with scientists, engineers, and potential third party teams and strategizing on implementation
-Experiment execution, data collection and analysis.

The Merck Automation Engineering Co-Op should be:
-Pursuing a BS degree in an engineering discipline
-Have knowledge of computer programming
-Have knowledge of mechanical design.
-Recent graduates accepted

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