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Information Technology Specialist
Los Angelos, California

    Perform helpdesk services and respond to tech requests from staff.
    Ensure data and network privacy and security.
    Install and upgrade software and hardware on staff computers.
    Assist with videophone issues that staff may encounter.
    Coordinate with Public Relations Director in web administration duties such as, but not limited to, updating website domains, SSL certificates and web hosting.
    Ensure all computers systems are up to date on security software, patches, and updates.
    Team meetings with IT Administrator and supervisor on a monthly basis.
    Team with IT Administrator monitoring our virtual private network
    Support the day-to-day operations of our computer network.
    Anticipate and report the cost of replacing or updating computer related purchases when requested.
    Maintain hardware and software inventories.
    Other duties as assigned.

Required to have at least 2 years of experience working with Microsoft Active Directory, Microsoft Office365 and Azure, DNS, DHCP, Servers and Workstations. At least 2 years of experience providing technical support both on-site and remotely with the ability to troubleshoot and repair computer systems. At least 1 year of experience developing or maintaining a website(s). MS Certificates are desirable. Be able to learn new programs if added. Must be an excellent team player. 
Must act in a professional and courteous manner, be proactive, complete tasks on time, be security and privacy minded. Fluency in American Sign Language is required, and knowledge of Deaf Culture is desired. Travel to various GLAD outreach offices required. 
Must have reliable transportation, a valid California driver's license and current automobile insurance as required by law. 

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