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Company Information

NTID Research Center on Culture and Language

Job Information

Unity Developer
Rochester , New York. 14623

**Students seeking co-op: contact your academic dept. to request co-op approval**

•    At least three academic years of experience in Software Engineering, Computer Science, Game Development, or related field; or equivalent professional experience
•    Strong knowledge of C# object-oriented programming
•    Strong 3D math skills
•    Solid foundation in networking & real-time communication frameworks
•    Design and develop app
•    Modify and enhance existing codebase
•    Test and debug the platform, integration and application
•    Conduct usability study to improve interactivity of app
•    Create and provide documentation for completed app
•    Experience using a control system such as Git
•    Experience working with game assets (meshes, animations, materials)
•    Experience profiling and optimizing game and render performance (GPU & CPU)

• Record of past projects and portfolio demonstrating expertise in the field
• Ability to effectively communicate in American Sign Language (ASL) or willingness to learn to ASL and deaf culture

Resume Information

Resume, Other
past projects/portfolio
Associate, Bachelor

Application Information

Send resume and any links of past projects and portfolio to Wendy Dannels