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Company Information

Mill Neck Foundation

Job Information

Junior Accountant
40 Frost Mill Road
Mill Neck, New York. 11765
United States

Duties/ Responsibilities:

● Performs general accounting and other related duties for the organization.
● Enters accounts payable and accounts receivable transactions.
● Enters credit card transactions.
● Enter payroll into the accounting system.
● Follows up with customers regarding outstanding balances.
● Reconciles bank accounts at least monthly, verifies deposits, and addresses inquiries from banks.
● Perform remote deposits, or, when needed, make in-person bank deposits.
● Reconciles cash disbursement accounts, payroll, customer accounts, and other financial accounts; manages accounts receivable collections.
● Verifies and/or completes payment of invoices associated with accounts payable and ensures payments are charged to the appropriate accounts.
● Provides outside auditors with assistance; gathers necessary account information and documents to perform annual audit.
● Maintaining and ensuring completeness of filing system
● Performs other related duties as assigned.

Required Skills/Abilities:
● Willingness to learn and communicate in American Sign Language.
● Flexibility and strong work ethic.
● Accuracy and Attention to Detail.
● Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
● Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail.
● Knowledge of general financial accounting
● Understanding of and the ability to adhere to generally accepted accounting principles.
● Proficient with Microsoft Office Suite or similar software, and accounting software.

Education and Experience:
● Bachelor's degree in accounting, or related business field, required.

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