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Company Information

American School for the Deaf

Job Information

Source Interpreting Program Manager
139 N. Main Street
West Hartford, Connecticut. 06107
United States


CLOSING DATE: Until filled

The American School for the Deaf (ASD) is the oldest school for the deaf, founded in 1817 by Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet and Laurent Clerc. The American School for the Deaf is committed to serving deaf and hard of hearing infants, youth and their families in development of intellect and the enhancement of quality of life utilizing specially designed instruction through an American Sign Language and English Bilingual Approach, empowering them to become educated and self-directed life-long learners.

ASD is located in West Hartford, a town recognized as one of the top ten towns for raising families. West Hartford residents value education, evidenced by the high quality of public and private schools. There is also much to do in West Hartford. There is a wide array of parks and recreation. There are pools and hiking trails. There are historic sites to visit as well. If shopping is on the list then Blue Back Square, located in the center of town, offers many retail stores and a variety of restaurants to satisfy everyone.

The Source Interpreting Manager, under the supervision of the Director of Diversity and Special Programs, oversees all aspects of day to day operations of the Source Interpreting Department, The Manager is responsible for ensuring the long and short term success of the program, will adhere to strict guidelines for confidentiality and ethical conduct and will demonstrate good judgment, excellent interpersonal skills and effective planning skills. The Source Interpreting Manager will have the ability to work in a collaborative setting and to function as a liaison person as well as willingness to work flexible hours.

•Employee & Contractor Management:
•Maintain current position descriptions for all Source Interpreters
•Conduct annual evaluations of all Source Staff
•Approve interpreter independent contractor pay rates
•Oversight of Daily Operations:
•Weigh priority of interpreting requests
•Ensure department provides thorough and accurate interpreting services for all clients/customers.
•Request IT/phone/fax/tech/Sorenson support as needed
•Work in uSked:
•Troubleshoot issues
•Input pay period schedule for interpreters in uSked
•Learn and train office staff on new rollouts, changes to the system
• Backup documentation for resolving disputes or tracking (emails from uSked system are bcc: to
• Address escalated billing disputes or errors: credits/adjustments in uSked, communication to Business Office, with documentation kept in pay period's folder
• Maintenance of Sign Language Interpreting Services Satisfaction Survey (option for customer, client or interpreter to complete post-assignment) to provide feedback
• Responsible for CASLI Testing
• Will prepare and deliver community presentations
• Monthly/Quarterly Reporting to Administration:
• Respond to requests from Business Office for missing billing information or job contact person(s)
• Review accounts receivable and accounts payable reports and send totals and interpreter invoices to Business Office; maintain paper copies
organized by pay period, designate invoices as “paid” in uSked
• Review monthly financials as sent by Business Office; attend monthly fiscal meetings
• Send files/adjustments for monthly reconciliations as requested by Business Office
• Creation of reports as requested by Business Office or Executive Director
• Assist in the development of program annual budget
• Vendor/Customer/Business Partner Contract Management:
• Keep current Terms & Conditions, Payment Terms (both print and online versions); modify as needed with Business Office approval, reformatting of documents and customer correspondence
• Coordinate drafting of requests for proposals (RFP) for organizations seeking interpreting contracts
• Sign off on purchase orders for billing (answering service, world language interpreting providers, translation requests, uSked, CART, ASLPI)
• Develop Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) with business partners
• Participate in forums related to interpreting (i.e., CRID Legal Task Force)

• Ability to effectively engage with diverse staff and leadership to promote trust, collaboration, and partnership
• Strong management expertise; able to manage multiple projects effectively
• Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail
• Proactive and independent with the ability to take initiative
• Excellent time management skills with a proven ability to meet deadlines
• Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
• Proficient with Microsoft Office Suite or related software

• Bachelor Degree preferred.
• Professional experience in the provision of sign language and interpreting services or 3 years’ experience in business management is required.
• Interpreter Certification preferred: Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID): CI, CT, CSC, CDI, National Interpreter Certification (NIC) or National Association of the Deaf (NAD): Level V. Requires ability to work with a variety of communication modes, including ASL, Signed English, and Visual/Gestural.

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