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Company Name NTID/RIT
Name Rain G Bosworth
Title Assistant Professor
Phone 7606876168
Phone Type Voice
Job Title Research Assistant - NTID PLAY Lab
Job Type Co-op
Co-op Term Fall, Spring
Job Information
Start Date 08/01/2023
Start Date Flexible
Address NTID PLAY Lab
1545 St Paul St
Rochester, New York. 14621
United States
Job Description

The NTID Perception, Language & Attention in Youth (PLAY) Lab is seeking two undergraduate Research Assistants, to work on data collection from children for grant-funded research projects. The PLAY Lab’s aim is to study cognitive development, using survey, behavioral, motion capture, and eye-tracking techniques. Broadly, our goal is to understand how early sensory experiences shape our visual, cognitive, and language abilities later in life. To address this, we study and compare behaviors and abilities of deaf and hearing people -- across all ages -- who use signed or spoken language.

The Research Assistant is expected to engage in cognitive-behavioral research with children and parents and help administer questionnaire surveys and child assessments. Parents typically are scheduled to arrive at the lab with their child. Parent completes online questionnaires before or during their visit. Child completes simple cognitive or language assessments, with an experimenter. Some of these experimental tasks record reaction time, accuracy, reading or sign comprehension, or gaze patterns while watching videos. The RA is expected to help coordinate scheduling for these visits and administer questionnaires and assessments, and help with data analysis.

Database management and/or computer programming skills (such as RedCap, Matlab, Python, SPSS, ePrime, web design software, and/or R/Rstudio) are desired, but not required.

This individual must also have an affinity to learn more about scientific research. The lab conducts most of its research in American Sign Language, but not all. If the individual is not familiar with American Sign Language, must have a desire to learn some basic signs.

Individual should have reliable transportation to central Rochester and RIT.


• Some prior experience doing research or working in a laboratory, broadly defined
• Advanced familiarity with Microsoft Office (Word, Outlook, Excel)
• Prior experience interacting with young children
• Completed a course related to child development
• Very good communication and organization skills
• Ability to problem-solve independently
• Current driver’s license

Applicants should submit the following: Resume, Cover Letter
Majors Desired: Computing, Education, Engineering, Health Sciences, Interpreting, Liberal Arts, Science
Degree levels accepted: Associate, Bachelor, Graduate
Email application materials to:
Additional Instructions 1) a cover letter describing your qualifications, research interests and career goals, 2) a current resume/curriculum vitae, 3) contact information for 1 to 3 references who can provide letters upon request.
Prescreen Applicants No
Send to NCCC instead No
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