Certificate in Deaf Interpreting (Non-Credit)

Program Introduction and Overview

The non-credit Certificate in Deaf Interpreting (CIDI) program is delivered using an online blended format with two-thirds of instruction occurring synchronously on Monday and Wednesday evenings in Zoom and one-third completed asynchronously online. There is also a required four-day on-campus Deaf-Blind Protactile session held in September. The 20-week CIDI program runs from September to April  and trains Deaf professionals to interpret a variety of discourses in educational, international, legal, medical, mental health, business, and DeafBlind settings.

The online application deadline is March 31. Applicants will receive an email by April 30 with a decision on their application status.

After completing this program, the student will:

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of foundations for effective English-to-ASL and ASL-to-English translations
  2. Explain the roles and functions of a deaf interpreter
  3. Demonstrate the ability to interpret in different discourses (e.g., medical, mental health, legal, business, DeafBlind, education, and press conferences)
  4. Demonstrate the use of interlingual and intralingual linguistic features (e.g., depiction, constructed action, use of visual-spatial congruence, register, non-manual signals [including mouth morphemes and affect markers]) and extralinguistic knowledge in deaf interpretation
  5. Apply knowledge of Deaf, DeafBlind, and other cultures to deaf interpretation and mediation
  6. Simulate a deaf interpretation team with a hearing interpreter
  7. Apply professional and ethical behavior in alignment with the National Association of the Deaf-Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf Code of Professional Conduct
  8. Demonstrate the ability to interpret using International Sign

The following criteria will be used to select applicants to participate in this program:

  • Applicants must send a two-minute YouTube video explaining why you want to become a Deaf Interpreter to Alisha Bronk at aabnss@rit.edu.
  • Applicants must commit to completing the entire program. (No refunds will be given.)

This 20-week program comprises approximately 120 hours of synchronous and blended online instruction (2/3 in Zoom; 1/3 online). Synchronous sessions will occur on Monday and Wednesday evenings in Zoom. The exact times will be communicated to accepted students.

The program runs from September–April.

Participants will have opportunities to practice interpreting for Deaf, DeafBlind, and hearing consumers in a variety of settings: medical, mental health, legal, business, DeafBlind, education, and press conferences.

Upon completion, students will be awarded a Certificate of Completion in the Certificate in Deaf Interpreting program from the National Technical Institute for the Deaf.

The cost for the Certificate program is $1,600.

In addition to this cost, the DeafBlind training is held on the RIT campus, and you are responsible for your own room, board, meals, and transportation to and from campus.


You will need a high-speed internet connection, and a webcam. You will also need to use Zoom videoconferencing and GoReact software.


  • Module 1: Propaedeutic/Introduction Module (1 week)
  • Module 2: Interpreting Theory (1 week)
  • Module 3: Team, Deafblind, and Pro-Tactile Interpreting (required 20 hour on-campus training in September)
  • Module 4: Classifiers/Depiction/Non-Manual Markers (2 weeks)
  • Module 5: Sight Interpreting, Consecutive Interpreting, and Simultaneous Interpreting (2 weeks)
  • Module 6: Ethics and Professional Conduct (2 weeks)
  • Module 7: English-to-ASL and ASL-to-English Translation (2 weeks)
  • Module 8: International Sign and Interpreting in International Settings (2 weeks)
  • Module 9: Interpretation in Different Discourses (4 weeks)
  • Module 10: Internship: Observation and Practice Interpreting (2 weeks)

Apply Online

You may use the online application form to apply for acceptance into the NTID Certificate in Deaf Interpreting program.

CIDI Application Form

Program Payment

If you have been accepted into the NTID Certificate in Deaf Interpreting program, you may pay your tuition online by credit card.

The full cost for the Certificate Program is $1,600.

You may pay for the Certificate program in full ($1,600), or pay in two installments of $800. The due dates for payments are:

  • September 1 - first installment or full tuition
  • February 1 - second installment

For credit card payment, Go to CIDI Payment   

For other payment methods, please contact Bre Haywood (bre.haywood@rit.edu).

Program Personnel

Alisha Bronk, M.A.

Alisha Bronk has worked as a Deaf interpreter for more than 30 years. She earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology in 1990 from Gallaudet University and a master’s degree in applied linguistics from Portland State University in 2009. Alisha has taught Deaf Interpreting courses at Gallaudet University and offered numerous workshops through NTID and Interpretek.

Alisha serves as a full-time faculty member at RIT/NTID in the department of ASL and Interpreting Education. She teaches American Sign Language and interpreting courses in the bachelor’s degree program as well as courses in the CIDI program.

Contact Us

Alisha Bronk, CIDI Program Coordinator
ASL and Interpreting Education
National Technical Institute for the Deaf
Rochester Institute of Technology
52 Lomb Memorial Drive
Rochester, NY 14623