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NTID advertisements appear in national publications, in print, electronic and social media, on television and anywhere an ad will be effective and advance the college’s mission. Our team can help you create an ad and develop an advertising message with a call to action, and you can get advice about where to place your ad for maximum exposure and best outcomes. 


RIT/NTID has a dynamic presence at many regional and national conferences. The Communications, Marketing & Multimedia Services team works with the NTID President’s Office and other key departments to identify events of strategic importance to the college, and sends trained personnel to ensure that conference attendees learn about all that RIT/NTID has to offer.

Here’s a small sampling of the places and events where RIT/NTID has exhibited in the past:

  • CAL-ED – the California Educators of the Deaf conference in Norwich, Calif.
  • DEAF Inc. Winterfest in St. Louis, Mo.
  • AFCOM – the Association for Computer Operations Management in Las Vegas, Nev.
  • SHRM – the Society of Human Resource Managers Diversity conference in Washington, D.C.
  • HLAA – Hearing Loss Association of America’s conference in Washington, D.C.
  • ASDC- the American Society for Deaf Children’s conference in Frederick, Maryland
  • RID – the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf conference in Atlanta, Ga.

Graphic Arts

Graphic arts and design is a creative process undertaken to convey a specific message, or messages to a targeted audience. Posters, flyers, advertisements, signage, postcards and more require design that is eye-catching and complements the message. 

Mailing Lists

Communications, Marketing & Multimedia Services maintains updated mailing lists for all the college’s constituents. Lists include prospective students and parents, teachers in high schools and middles schools, organizations, VR personnel nationwide, alumni and more.

If you are working with us on a project that involves mailing information, we will arrange to acquire the mailing list for whatever the marketing projects require. Our mailing lists are protected and can only be used for institute activities.

Media Relations

Media Relations is a liaison between RIT/NTID and external media, pitching and writing stories of interest about our students, faculty, staff or NTID in general. This includes being accessible for outside newspaper, magazine, television or radio reporters and connecting them with experts on campus who may give interviews or provide written information that assists reporters with specific stories related to RIT/NTID.  

The Media Relations staff is here to work with our students, faculty and staff who may be asked to provide information to the media. Please use the form below to notify Media Relations of any media requests or visits on campus. This will allow us to ensure the appropriate individual is being interviewed, monitor what might be printed or broadcast, enable communication in an appropriate setting, and provide interpreters if needed.

Office: 585-475-6217
Mobile: 585-329-9485

Newsletters and Publications


If you need to reach a niche audience that is interested in specific information, such as prospective students, parents or alumni, contact us about adding your story or announcement to one of the newsletters we produce:


Leave the development, writing, editing, photography and design of NTID communications, both print and electronic, to us. Whether you need a reminder e-mail or a full-fledged brochure, contact us for professionally produced print and electronic communications. Our key audiences are: 

  • Prospective students and parents
  • Current students and parents
  • Faculty and staff
  • Donors
  • Friends
  • Providers
  • Alumni
  • And the world at large as people search for information about the university


NTID’s photographer and his assistants are experienced storytellers, and their photos highlight the essence of life at RIT/NTID. Images of what happens here—classroom activities; social events; special events like the job fair, receptions, awards ceremonies, new construction, summer outreach programs and athletic events—all vividly tell our story.

Request Photography Services

Mike Guinto
Photographic Media Specialist

Social Media

Communications, Marketing & Multimedia Services staff members are well-versed in using social media and related tactics for reaching our audiences. Centralizing our social media efforts allows NTID to stay true to the brand and on message.

Please refer to this guide for RIT/NTID social media resources and information on RIT/NTID main channels, RIT's branding guidelines, accessibility, and video guidelines.

If you would like to develop a social media presence for your department/group or need an event or other information posted on the RIT/NTID Facebook page, please contact Matt Dana, NTID Communications, Marketing & Multimedia Services Web Manager.

In addition to the official RIT/NTID Facebook page, our department manages NTID’s Twitter profile, Instagram feed, and YouTube channel.

Blake Nitko
Social Media Coordinator


Videography involves capturing moving images on electronic media as well as the post production tasks of creating a visual design for the production. RIT/NTID videographers create the videos—from capturing the event, to editing, dubbing, arranging captioning, etc. As the demand for video ramps up, RIT/NTID videographers are busy responding to the need.

If you are creating videos from home, please follow this guide to assist you in production and to ensure that your videos meet RIT/NTID general standards. Contact Suzi Murad if you require further assistance.

Request Videography Services

Joshua Bloodworth
Director Videographer Editor
Donald Feigel
Director Videographer Editor

Web Development

Need help with an NTID website but not sure where to start?

Regardless of the type of website you need, the first step is to fill out the Website Request form (RIT account required). This will ensure that your request is routed to the appropriate development resources at RIT/NTID.

For a variety of reasons including information security, branding, usability and accessibility, it is important that all RIT/NTID websites comply with the RIT Web Standards. If you have any questions about these standards, please contact Matt Dana, Director of Web and Instructional Development.

Matt Dana
NTID Director of Web Development
Cathy Clarke
Web Developer-Programmer
Cecelia Dorn
Web Developer-Programmer