Requesting Access Services

Requesting Access Services

myAccess is a custom built website for RIT students, faculty, and staff to create and track access service requests, including interpreting, real-time captioning, and notetaking. Users are able to log on with their RIT usernames and passwords. They can submit two types of requests: Course Requests and Special Requests.

Course Requests

Course Requests occur after students enroll for classes. They are able to submit requests for either interpreting or captioning (but not both) and notetaking for each class they are enrolled in. Students should request these services as soon as they are registered for classes in SIS. By requesting these services early, students have a better chance of having these services provided for each requested course.

Special Requests

Special Requests are requests for access services outside of scheduled classes. Examples include study group meetings, community presentations, one-on-one meetings, staff meetings, athletic events, and so forth. The user is responsible for providing details such as the date(s) and time(s), location(s), event type, whether this is academic related (and if so, which course it should be associated with), and if there are others who will need services. The requestor could enter any other pertinent details such as language preferences and content of the assignment.

After submitting access service requests, users are able to view the status of their requests. They can only see information for requests they have submitted.