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Matt Dye and assistant situate electrode cap on research subject

Research in the deaf 𝑥 lab is based upon two key themes. First, we seek to understand the ways that deaf people perceive and attend to visual information, and second, we aim to understand how learning a signed language such as ASL affects visual processing. We take a Deaf Gain perspective and focus upon the strengths and abilities of deaf children and adults, aiming to also understand how Deaf-appropriate environments - linguistic and physical - can harness a deaf child’s strengths in educational settings.



Matthew Dye
Associate Dean of Research
Geo Kartheiser
Research Scientist
Emmanuel Garcia
Senior Research Assistant


Anna Zieba
Undergraduate Research Assistant


Paige Woodall
Undergraduate Research Assistant


Sophia Wozniak
Undergraduate Research Assistant




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Our facilities are located in LBJ and Rosica Halls and offer opportunities for collaboration with colleagues and students. These areas include equipment for audiological, vision, EEG, etc. stimulus testing for a range of deaf 𝑥 lab scientific research projects.

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The deaf 𝑥 lab provides and/or is associated with various career and employment opportunities, including postdoctoral positions, graduate research positions, and undergraduate research opportunities.

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