First Name
Last Name

Jonathan Cabrera

Computer Integrated Machining Technology

Instrumentation Engineering Specialist

Young man, dark hair, in room with machining equipment.

Boston, Massachusetts

Degree programs
Associate in Occupational Studies with a major in Computer Integrated Machining Technology

Year of graduation

Place of employment
GE Aviation, Cincinnati, Ohio

Job Title
Instrumentation Engineering Specialist

Work Responsibilities
My job is to make precision machine parts based on employee requests. I work on some unbelievable machines like the Bridgeport mill, DPM mill and EDM machine that are easy to use and allow us to make parts to more precise specifications. I have a mentor who works with me to come up with ideas for making parts more easily and successfully. We are very busy and work to meet deadlines all the time.

How my career relates to my degree from RIT/NTID
I brought skills that I had learned in class with me to GE and that really helps in my job. On this co-op I am developing soft skills as well, like workplace social skills and networking that will help me when I look for a permanent job. I look forward to applying some of the experience I am getting this summer to future jobs and what I learn this summer will definitely help me with my classwork this fall. My degree will get me the career of a lifetime doing something I always have wanted to do. RIT has a reputation for helping students become successful and I believe that it’s true.

Work hard, play hard and network. Networking can be the key to getting the opportunity of a lifetime, possibly something nobody else will get.