First Name
Last Name

Lauren Brown

Advertising Photography

Photo Imaging Specialist

Young woman, dark skin, short dark hair, brown shirt, while slacks, sitting at office desk holding open book displaying photographs.

Washington, D.C.

Degree programs
Will graduate from RIT’s College of Imaging Arts and Science with a BFA in Advertising Photography

Year of graduation

Place of employment
Co-op Placement: Summer 2010 at Washington Life Magazine

Job title and work responsibilities
My co-op last summer was at Washington Life Magazine. Because I wanted to expand my horizons in the field of photography, I worked as a photo imaging specialist and retouched photos for the cover and inside pages with all kinds of content—political, diplomatic and international. I also made contact sheets for pre-flight to see how photos and names and titles would appear on the pages and had the opportunity to design banner ads for their website.

How my career relates to my degree from RIT/NTID
The course content offered in my major helped me to get my co-op and to be very successful at it. Virtually every business uses Adobe® software programs and the expectation for new employees is that they are well-versed in using them. At RIT, I learned advanced skills in every Adobe program to prepare for my co-op and for my career. And I learned from experienced faculty who were excellent teachers. They helped me develop the skills to use software that was more advanced that what employers were using in the workplace.