First Name
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Malia Christenson

Design and Imaging Technology

Creative Designer

Photo of Malia Christenson, young woman with long dark blond hair, glasses, grey sweater dark pants and sneakers, standing in from of Sign Language Academy sign.

Where is your hometown?
Peshtigo, WI

What is your degree program?

What is your graduation date from RIT/NTID?
December 2019

Where is your place of employment?
Albuquerque Sign Language Academy

What is your job title?
Creative Designer

What are your work responsibilities?
My responsibility was to support the needs of the teachers in the creation of visual schedules, developing visual teaching support and methods, and ASL driven visual manipulatives.

How does your career relate to your degree from RIT/NTID?
My co-op experience related to my graphic design major as I was able to utilize a combination of tools to support my work, such as photography, design, and illustration tools.

Do you have any advice for any current students attending RIT/NTID?
My best advice is to believe in yourself as others will see your hard work and education come through, and people will see what you have learned along the way.