First Name
Last Name

Vanessa Bacellar

Biomedical Science

Analytical Scientist Intern

Young woman, dark hair tied back, wearing white lab coat, blue lab gloves, leaning elbow on lab table.

Bahia, Brazil

Degree programs

  • Laboratory Science Technology, May 2013
  • Biomedical Science, May 2016

Year of graduation

Place of employment
The Dow Chemical Company, Spring House, Pa.

Job Title
Analytical Scientist Intern

Work Responsibilities
I performed experiments and worked on projects studying polymers as they relate to paint and oil. I used some sophisticated instruments that I was familiar with and others that I had to learn how to use. I gave two presentations to Dow personnel about the properties of paint and oil, and attended a number of meetings.

How my career relates to my degree from RIT/NTID
I knew how to use most of the scientific equipment and materials involved in my job and used the knowledge I learned in my classes to perform my experiments. Other skills I had learned in class, like understanding how Excel and PowerPoint work related to my area of responsibility, were very valuable.

Pay attention at work and be on time. Know that just about everything you learn in college will be related to your job.