Format options
CSV downloadExports results in CSV that can be imported back into the current webform.Delimited textExports results as delimited text file.HTML TableExports results as an HTML table.JSON documentsExports results as JSON documents.YAML documentsExports results as YAML documents.
If checked, all entity references will use the entity's UUID
This is the delimiter used in the CSV/TSV file when downloading webform results. Using tabs in the export is the most reliable method for preserving non-latin characters. You may want to change this to another character depending on the program with which you anticipate importing results.
If checked, the generated file's carriage returns will be compatible with Excel and a marker flagging the data as UTF-8 will be added at the beginning.
If checked, the download file extension will be change from .html to .xls.
Used to create unique file names for exported submissions.
Used to create unique file names for exported submissions.
Element options
The delimiter used when an element has multiple values.
Header options
Column header format
Choose whether to show the element label or element key in each column header.
Select menu, radio buttons, and checkboxes options
Options single value format
Elements that collect a single option value include select menus, radios, and buttons.
Options multiple values format
Elements that collect multiple option values include multi-select, checkboxes, and toggles.
Options item format
Composite element options
Composite element item format
Entity reference options
Entity reference format
The selected columns will be included in the export.
Title Name Date type/Element type
Serial number serial integer
Submission ID sid integer
Submission UUID uuid uuid
Submission URI uri string
Created created created
Completed completed timestamp
Changed changed changed
Is draft in_draft boolean
Current page current_page string
Remote IP address remote_addr string
Submitted by uid entity_reference
Language langcode language
Webform webform_id entity_reference
Submitted to: Entity type entity_type string
Submitted to: Entity ID entity_id string
Locked locked boolean
Sticky sticky boolean
Notes notes string_long
Metatags (Hidden field for JSON support) metatag metatag_computed
Username username textfield
Company Name companyname textfield
Website website url
Name contactname textfield
Title contacttitle textfield
Email contactemail email
Phone phone textfield
Phone Type phonetype select
Fax fax textfield
Job Title jobtitle textfield
Job Type jobtype select
Co-op Term co_op_term checkboxes
Start Date startdate date
Start Date date_or select
Address job_location_address webform_address
Job Description job_description text_format
Requirements requirements text_format
Links to External Job Postings links_to_external_job_postings_2 webform_custom_composite
Applicants should submit the following: submissionreq checkboxes
Other submissionreq_other textfield
Majors Desired: majors checkboxes
Degree levels accepted: degree_levels_accepted checkboxes
Apply online at: enter_web_address_where_candidates_can_apply url
Email application materials to: email_address email
Additional Instructions additional_instructions textarea
Preferred Date preferreddate date
Preferred Time Start preferred_time_start webform_time
Preferred Time End preferred_time_end webform_time
Prescreen Applicants prescreen radios
Send to NCCC instead nceresume radios
Posting Status posting_status select
Download options
If checked, the export file will be automatically download to your local machine. If unchecked, the export file will be displayed as plain text within your browser.
Order submissions by ascending (oldest first) or descending (newest first).
If checked, only starred/flagged submissions will be downloaded. If unchecked, all submissions will downloaded.
Archive options
Select the archive file type for submission file uploads and generated documents.