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How We Can Help You

The Ombuds Office welcomes all students, parents, faculty and staff. RIT Ombuds are trained professionals. We provide confidential, neutral, independent and informal assistance to those who have concerns arising from or affecting their work and studies at RIT. We listen to people, offer information about policies and procedures, and help people examine options for resolving concerns.  If you want an informal, confidential facilitated discussion/mediation with another member of the RIT community, with the goal of seeking resolution, reconciliation or managing a dispute.


You may discuss any concern or conflict confidentially with the Ombudsperson, such as:

  • Employment-related concerns or conflicts
  • Conflicts with or between faculty, staff, departments, or offices at RIT
  • Decisions or actions affecting individuals or groups
  • Harassment/discrimination questions and concerns
  • Issues of fairness and equity
  • Questions and concerns regarding any university policy or procedure
  • Questions and answers about any problem, concern, or issue at RIT
  • Interpersonal conflicts



  • Listen to an individual’s or group’s concerns and issues
  • Explore all issues impartially
  • Help individuals and groups explore and analyze options, strategies, and steps for resolution
  • Facilitate various dispute resolution processes, such as information gathering, informal inquiries, informal mediation, and negotiation
  • Explain and inform individuals about relevant policies, procedures, and resources that might help in moving toward resolution
  • Coach individuals through the conflict resolution process



  • Have administrative decisionmaking authority
  • Advocate for either side or position in a dispute
  • Participate in formal grievances or other formal processes
  • Provide legal or psychological counseling, but can refer individuals to on- and off-campus resources

Due to the informal nature of the Ombuds Office, sharing a concern does not constitute formally notifying the university about an issue. However, we can assist and refer individuals to those formal RIT resources.