Financial Literacy


The financial choices that you make while attending college can impact your future goals and endeavors.  Besides attending classes, preparing for a career, and cultivating lifelong friendships, college is also a time when students form their money management skills.  Unfortunately, some students are developing bad financial behaviors that disrupt their career paths and impact their ability to build wealth and savings.

With our motto “We’re here to help, the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships hopes to assist students in navigating the complex world of financial literacy.  We strongly believe that when armed with practical money management habits, students will make smart decisions that will lead to bright futures.

The following basic financial topics are the foundation to having a solid understanding of common personal finance skills.  These online sources have been chosen for their accessibility and easy-to-understand explanations on a variety of fiscal concepts.  Topics range from establishing a budget to how to protect you from identity theft.  If you can not find a particular topic of interest, please contact our office for assistance.

Goals and Budgeting

The best way to take charge of your money is to have a well-defined plan for it.  Learn the difference between short-term and long-term goals.  Learn to define your financial goals and how to create plans to reach them.  And learn to recognize and avoid budget busters. 

How to Build Your First Budget

Checking Account Management

Learn the basics of maintaining a checking account using the valuable information from this resource:

Basic Checking Account Facts

Savings and Investing

After defining your goals, you will need to decide how to save for them.  Learn different savings and investing options.  Learn what options should be used for short term goals versus long term goals.  And learn that some options may include associated risks.

Start Saving in Your Twenties

Investing Basics

Credit Cards

Overuse of credit cards by college students can lead to financial stress, an endless cycle of debt, and even bankruptcy.  Learn the pitfalls of using credit cards unwisely.

Mastering Credit Cards

The World of Credit Reports and Credit Scores

Learning the steps to maintain a positive credit standing will assist you in reaching long-term goals.  Learn who the three major credit reporting agencies are and what they mean to you.  Also learn your consumer rights and responsibilities.

Request Your Free Annual Credit Report

Protecting Your Identity

Learn the steps that you can take to reduce the odds of being a victim of identity theft.

Stay Safe Online

Additional Resources

The information provided above is just a small sample of topics in the realm of financial literacy.  Invest in yourself by taking the time to search out more information on subjects that can assist you in achieving financial freedom.  The following are additional resources that may be of interest to you.