4 Helpful Career Resources at RIT

Students talk to recruiters at RIT's annual Career Fair

Students talk to recruiters at RIT's annual Career Fair

It is no secret that RIT has extremely impressive outcome rates for students entering the workforce. RIT alumni go on to do extraordinary things in several industries. One of my personal favorite things about RIT are the numerous programs and events for undergraduate and graduate students to assist in the successful transition from the educational to the professional world.

A student goes through a resume review with a career counselor

Office of Career Services and Co-op

This office provides career development assistance to both current students and alumni. My very first visit to the Career Services office was during my first semester. I was able to meet regularly with a career counselor who guided me through choosing a new major based on my interests and aptitudes. This was extremely helpful, as this process can be overwhelming to do alone. Having the opportunity to meet with someone from career services ensured that was making the best decision for my future.

The Career Services office also offers job search assistance, resume writing, career prep courses, workshops, professional development panels, mock interviews, and more. Each major has a career services coordinator from this office. Now that I am a senior, I have been frequently reaching out to my coordinator. She has proofread my resume and online portfolio and has given me job offer advice.

A student talks to a Microsoft representative

Employee Information Sessions

One thing I have learned is that employers want RIT students. This is something that I was often told when visiting RIT during high school, but after attending RIT and applying for jobs, I realize just how much RIT students have to offer.

Throughout the school year, companies will hold information sessions strictly for RIT students. Students can attend company presentations and meet with representatives. At these events, you can learn more about what a company does and what kind of applicants they are looking for.

A student talks to two Wegmans recruiters at the Career Fair
A student talks to a PCC recruiter at the Career Fair

Career Fair

The University-Wide Career Fair is a really exciting event that takes place every fall and spring right on campus. All RIT students and alumni can attend to meet with a wide range of companies. A few of the most well-known companies that attend include Toyota, Lockheed Martin, Fisher Price, General Electric, and many more. When attending the career fair, you’re able to speak with representatives from companies, and share your experiences, expertise/goals, and your interest in the company. Not only do students leave the career fair with industry knowledge and professional connections, but they also can leave with job interviews and future career opportunities. Along with the University-Wide Career fair, there are Specialized Fairs that are geared toward certain industries. These fairs include the Accounting Career Fair, Civil Engineering Career Fair, Creative Industry Day, the National Labs Career Fair, Packaging Science Career Fair, and the Study/Work Abroad Fair.

Career Connect

This is an online platform made specifically for RIT students and alumni to connect with employers. Career Connect gives you the ability to search and apply for jobs, sign up for mock interviews, explore career paths and industries, and attend employer events.

I find myself logging in to Career Connect a few times a week, as new co-op and job listings are constantly being posted. Career Connect was how I was able to get my first Co-op position. It’s been a really great resource to have and I’m thankful I can continue to use it after college.

No matter what professional field you may be interested in, RIT has a career growth program for you. My guidance and career counselors have helped me prepare for career success since the moment I entered RIT and continue to provide me with ongoing support.

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