My Top 5 Foods from the Asian Food Market

When coming to a new country, different eating habits may need time to adapt for many international students. If you can buy ingredients from your hometown and cook it by yourself, you can also relieve homesickness. As an international student from China, I will share some delicacies you can buy in the Asian food market.

From RIT, it takes about 5 minutes to drive to the Asian Food Market on Brighton Henrietta Town Line Rd.. Although this market is not big, it has a complete range of Asian food, and many RIT students come here to shop together. I come here every week to buy the seasoning and food. Here is my recommendation.

Dessert-Dan Huang Su

Asian food market selling freshly baked Dan Huang Su, which is a special dessert. It's red bean paste along with a nice salted duck egg yolk. I also buy ingredients and make my own Dan Huang Su, it’s perfect to cook for my breakfast.

Dan Huang Su

Chinese noodle soup- Luosifen

Luosifen or the snail rice noodles in the Asian food market are placed in a very obvious position. This is a Chinese noodle soup and the dish is well known for its strong smell, which comes from the pickled bamboo shoots. Make sure your roommate doesn't get mad if you want to try it. (It smells so bad lol).


Chili sauces- Laoganma

Laoganma is a brand of chili sauces made in China. It can be used to mix rice, noodles, or stir-fry as a condiment. This sauce is very spicy, with tempeh, chili, and diced beef. I love fried rice with this sauce, It’s easy, simple, and spicy.

Laoganma Chili sauce

Hot Pot

Asian supermarkets have a huge variety of meatballs, I guess it must be for hot pot. A hot pot meal is bliss this season in Rochester. The most important thing in eating a hot pot is the base soup and dipping sauce. You can buy a spicy pot base, a tomato pot base, or a seafood pot base here. Usually, I use a special pot to prepare two different soup bases on the side. I always use sesame sauce for the dipping sauce, and it is very delicious to dip hot pot mutton with sesame sauce.

Hot Pot

Lonely God snack

This is a snack I loved as a kid, and I was pleasantly surprised to see it here! Its raw material is potatoes, so it is similar to potato chips, but its shape is spiral, and its taste is unique. I like to eat puffed food while watching TV, it's not a good habit but it's decompressing.

The Asian food market has a carry-out restaurant where they serve Roasted Duck, Char Siew Rice, and Cantonese Poached Chicken. They are both great takeaway options when you don't feel like cooking. I also love shopping at Wegmans, a local supermarket in Rochester with a wide variety of items, but the Asian food market is where I go the most.



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