Archery Range

This range is located north of the varsity practice fields. It is primarily used for Wellness class instruction and archery club practice. The Archery Range is generally closed and unavailable from December 1 to March 31. Use of the range is weather dependent.

Archery Range Policies

  • Open dawn to dusk.
  • The orange RIT Archery flag must be raised when the range is occupied.
  • RIT ID or guest pass required. No public use.
  • Use by reservation only through the SLC Main Office. Reservations can only be made by an RIT Range Authorized user. The person who makes the reservation is the one who must sign-out the key to the shed and the archery flag from the SLC Equipment Cage with their valid RIT ID.
  • A Minimum of two people is required for a reservation. 
  • At least one person is required to have RIT Archery Range Authorization (certified person who has their own equipment). 
  • An RIT Archery Range Authorized person may supervise up to two other people.
  • An RIT Range Master is required for groups of four or more up to 25.
  • Range Authorization is approved by the RIT Wellness Class Instructor or the Range Master.
  • RIT does not loan out archery equipment except during Wellness classes and club practices.
  • Only target or field tips are allowed. 

Archery Bow Storage

  • RIT policy states that personal bows cannot be stored in RIT owned student housing.
  • Public Safety requires that students who choose to bring archery equipment to campus must store their bows in the Student Life Center Archery storage area.    
  • Complete the Personal Bow Storage form to request storage privileges.

Archery Range Authorization

In order to acquire authorization to use and reserve the Archery Range, you must be a current RIT student, faculty, staff, retiree or recreation member and have your own archery equipment. Please complete the Archery Range Authorization form to submit your request.