Tennis Courts

Located next to U-Lot, there are nine lighted tennis courts with windscreens. Wellness classes and Intercollegiate Athletics have priority. Tennis courts follow the Student Life Center schedule weather permitting.


Tennis Court Policies

  • RIT ID required.
  • Non-marking tennis footwear is required.
  • Activities other than tennis and pickleball are prohibited.
  • Rollerblades, skateboards and bikes are prohibited.
  • Tennis classes, intercollegiate contests and practices have priority.  Recreational use is first come first served.
  • All guests must have an RIT sponsor and purchase a guest pass from the Student Life Center.
  • Leaning on and jumping over nets is prohibited.
  • Play is limited to one hour.
  • Spectators are prohibited inside the fence.
  • Food and drink are prohibited.  Water bottles are permitted.
  • Lights can be turned on by pressing the light button located inside the court.
  • Call the SLC at 585-475-2280 for assistance with injuries, problems with lights, facility damages or locked gate.
  • Call Public Safety at 585-475-3333 for emergencies.
  • Close gates when finished with play.
  • Keep courts safe and clean by complying with all rules and disposing of trash.