Cognitive Engineering and Engineering Psychology Lab

The Cognitive Engineering and Engineering Psychology Lab is an applied psychology laboratory where researchers study complex human-machine and sociotechnical systems, as well as encompassing macroergonomics.

Engineering Psychology is a discipline that aims to improve socio-technical systems by considering how human operators interact with technologies, environments, and other operators in particular contexts. Engineering Psychology studies human capabilities and limitations and directly or indirectly impacts the design of technologies that operators use. While Engineering Psychology is primarily concerned with basic research and understanding of human behavior, Cognitive Engineering has a more applied focus as a multidisciplinary endeavor concerned with the analysis, design, and evaluation of complex systems of people and technology. Past projects undertaken in this lab include analysis of an incident reporting system in a large general hospital and its impact on patient safety and the overall safety culture in the healthcare organization, and development of novel data visualization systems for electric power control room operators. Future directions for research in this lab lie in the domain of cybersecurity.


EAS 2353


Esa Rantanen
Associate Professor