Digital Manufacturing & Product Realization Lab

The Digital Manufacturing & Product Realization Lab accelerates new product development, from concept to commercialization. This lab provides rapid, model-based, design, simulation, prototyping, and testing of electro-mechanical parts and assemblies. The facility is equipped with unique capabilities for product design, prototype fabrication and inspection, and validation as well as a variety of additive manufacturing technologies.

Key lab capabilities include design and simulation, prototype fabrication and product inspection, along with testing and validation. The lab’s metal printing and electronic benches also enable companies to make circuit boards and other specialized parts. While the lab provides specialized fabrication equipment for low-volume prototypes, RIT researchers can provide companies with direct access to a regional manufacturing base capable of supporting a rapid scale-up in production.

Analysis tools include:

  • Solidworks Software Suite, including CFD Simulation
  • Autodesk’s Moldflow Insight Ultimate
  • Machining, electrical test, and diagnostic equipment to facilitate rapid development of prototype designs


Sustainability Institute Hall (SUS/building 81), room 4240


24/7 swipe card access