Document and Pattern Recognition Lab

About the dprl

The Document and Pattern Recognition Lab started in Summer 2007. We research pattern recognition and machine learning techniques for extracting and searching information in documents and videos. Our work has appeared in top venues including TPAMI, CVPR, and SIGIR. Some of our projects have been used by groups around the world, such as the Tangent formula search engine, and the CROHME handwritten math recognition benchmark.

University students of all levels (BSc, MSc, and Ph.D.) from the Computing and Imaging Science colleges at RIT have worked in the lab. See the Members page for pictures and a list of all students who have worked in the lab. 

The dprl has supported by a variety of organizations including the NSF, Xerox, Google, and the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. See the Support page for details.


Our Projects

Lately, we are focused on the recognition and retrieval of mathematical notation for the MathSeer project. 
Examples of projects, along with links to our publications, data, and software can be found on the Resources page


Room 70-3500 (Golisano College)


Richard Zanibbi