Sculpture Studios

The sculpture studios are host to many tools and processes, including both traditional and contemporary approaches to three-dimensional art-making. The facilities include:
• Wood shop with a SawStop table saw, band saw, spindle, belt and disc sanders, drill press, and miter saw.
• Metal shop equipped with an ironworker, three MIG welders, a water-cooled TIG welder, a plasma cutter and a chop saw — all serviced by a one-ton, overhead bridge crane.
• Foundry consisting of a 90-pound bronze furnace, crucibles for bronze, aluminum and German silver, and a large car kiln — all serviced by a one-ton, overhead bridge crane. The foundry also houses a large muller for resin-bonded sand molds, a ceramic shell mixer, two large melting pots for wax, and cupolas that tap 350 and 125 pounds, respectively.
Stone-carving space containing pneumatic and traditional carving tools and materials such as marble, limestone, and alabaster.
• Non-traditional materials, such as cast plastic, cast foam, and cast rubber.