Vehicle Dynamics Testbed

This facility includes a chassis dynamometer for testing energy efficiency of fossil fueled, electric, and hybrid vehicles in various drive cycles. Other new technologies, such as advanced sensors or new exhaust technologies, can also be evaluated here. A 350HP engine dynamometer is also available for testing fuel efficiency, emissions, or durability of large engines using diesel or alternative fuels. The engine dynamometer can also test natural gas fueled (and NG assisted) engines.

Capabilities include:

  • Evaluation of the reliability and durability of conventional, hybrid, and electric vehicle propulsion systems and drivetrains.
  • Evaluation of the performance and durability of engines using different biofuels and blends, as well as evaluation of methods for reducing engine emissions.
  • Applied research into viable and sustainable battery systems, configurations, and chemistries that can be used for electric or hybrid vehicle propulsion.


Sustainability Institute Hall (SUS/building 81), room 1220


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