Computer Engineering Department Named a CUDA Teaching Center

Focus will be on teaching next-generation high–performance parallel computing applications

Sonia Lopez Alarcon and Roy Melton

Students in today’s mobile technology generation will build the supercomputers of tomorrow.

They will have the chance to learn about the powerful technology at the heart of supercomputing through new courses being developed at Rochester Institute of Technology.

RIT’s Department of Computer Engineering was recently named a CUDA Teaching Center by NVIDIA Corp., the international technology company that developed compute unified device architecture, also referred to as CUDA, the company’s parallel computing architecture that enables increases in computing performance by harnessing the power of graphics processing units.

CUDA Teaching Centers are recognized institutions that have integrated graphics processing unit computing techniques into mainstream computer science curricula.

As a CUDA Teaching Center, RIT will receive textbooks, software licenses and NVIDIA CUDA architecture-enabled graphics processing unitss for teaching-lab computers, as well as academic discounts for additional hardware, if required.

The equipment and materials will be used as part of graduate coursework on high performance computing being developed by faculty members Sonia Lopez Alarcon and Roy Melton, both assistant professors of computer engineering in RIT’s Kate Gleason College of Engineering.

RIT is among 30 international colleges and universities in the 2012 class of teaching centers, including the University of Texas at Austin, Auburn University and the University of Toronto.


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