FIRST Robotics competition season opens with ‘Infinite Recharge’ Kick Off telecast on Jan. 4

Finger Lakes Regional teams meet at Spencerport High School for reveal of new game based on Star Wars characters and challenges

Robotics teams from across “the galaxy” will be ready as FIRST Robotics opens its 2020 season with the FIRST Robotics Finger Lakes Regional Kick Off taking place at 10 a.m. Saturday, Jan. 4, at Spencerport High School Auditorium. Thirty-six local teams and more than 600 students, teachers and mentors will gather to participate in morning workshops and then view the kickoff telecast revealing the details of this year’s game. 

This year’s theme is FIRST Launch Infinite Recharge —a connection to Star Wars and its focus on building teams, coalitions and being a part of a “Force” for good, said Rick Bryant, Finger Lakes Regional director.

“The competition themes and technology challenges continue to be both interesting and real tests of students’ abilities to work well together and build robots,” said Bryant. “Star Wars is a cultural phenomenon and some of its technology was considered before its time. But the creativity and innovation it inspires is very much like FIRST Robotics. FIRST Robotics encourages student today to build the skills they’ll need for tomorrow—and in a galaxy not-so-far-way.”

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