Imagine RIT Sponsors Honor Unique Exhibits

Festival sponsors roamed campus in search of their favorite exhibits

In addition to the more than 25,000 visitors who were in attendance during the second annual Imagine RIT: Innovation and Creativity Festival on May 2, representatives from festival sponsors were on hand to witness the more than 400 interactive exhibits and performances that were on display. Teams from five sponsors roamed the campus in search of their favorite exhibits and distributed awards to eight of them.

Perkins Restaurant & Bakery presented its award to “Solar Car Racing & Microelectronic Engineering.” Microelectronic engineering students presented solar-powered race cars that visitors were able to test while learning about renewable solar energy and solar cells.

Paychex presented its award to “Reacting to the World: Eye-Tracking and Arousal.” Visitors had their eye-movements and bodily responses measured as they looked at pictures of various objects.

The “Drowsy Driver Warning System” received an award from Performance Technologies Inc. The system was designed to prevent a driver from falling asleep at the wheel by monitoring the driver’s eyes for blink frequency and duration. If the system determines the user is in danger of falling asleep, it awakens the driver.

The M/E Engineering P.C. award was given to “Innovative & Sustainable Practices in Facilities Management.” RIT’s facilities management staff presented demonstrations of innovative and sustainable technologies in construction and maintenance of buildings and grounds, and material recycling.

RIT’s Alumni Association Board of Directors presented awards to four exhibits. “Automotive Fuel Cell Research Lab” taught visitors about hydrogen fuel cells and discussed future energy concerns. “New Media Team Sociable” linked a visitor to social conversations they had based on a glass they were drinking from. Social connections were visualized through the use of an animated avatar. “Open Publishing Lab at RIT” demonstrated the future of publishing through the creation of a personalized travel guide. “Wet Scrubber Capstone Project” is an after treatment filter that improves everyday health.

More than 50 sponsors helped make Imagine RIT possible.

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