New IEEE Distinguished Lecturer from RIT Conducts on Site Sabbatical at IBM

Joint study in solar-cell processing developed during time at downstate laboratory

A. Sue Weisler

Santosh Kurinec

Santosh Kurinec, professor of microelectronic engineering at Rochester Institute of Technology has been named an IEEE Distinguished Lecturer, Electron Devices Society, this past summer. IEEE distinguished lecturers are engineering professionals who have advanced their respective fields through new technology developments.

Kurinec’s research focuses the growing field of photovoltaics, the development of solar cells to convert solar energy into electrical power. She was part of a joint project with IBM during a seven-month sabbatical at the IBM T. J. Watson Research Center, in Yorktown Heights, N.Y., where she investigated multicrystalline silicon cell processing for the development of more efficient and low cost silicon solar cells. In addition, she worked on the characterization of magnetic tunneling and phase change structures for future memory applications.

“What IBM provided me was an environment that is highly conducive to trying out novel ideas based on sound foundations,” Kurinec says. “I looked forward to each day of being in the labs, working with post docs, research staff and experts in a wide range of disciplines. I got first hand exposure to observe what the skills must be cultivated in educating researchers to advance our technology.”

“We were privileged to have Professor Kurinec work with my group and myself during her sabbatical at IBM,” says D. K. Sadana, IBM research scientist. “She brought a wealth of experience on semiconductor technology and silicon solar cells which benefited the group and enabled advances in multi-crystalline solar cell processing.”


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