One-Time Bonus Payment

RIT Community,

RIT is mindful of the rising costs and inflationary pressures you are facing, as we are experiencing similar challenges in many areas of university operations. In December, we announced that we would provide a one-time payment to all eligible employees who earn $150,000 or less to assist in this challenging economic environment. 

All eligible regular and adjunct employees will automatically receive this one-time bonus on either the 15th (semimonthly) or 17th (biweekly) of February, depending on their payroll cycle. 

RIT regular employees who meet the following criteria are eligible:

  • Start date in an eligible position on or before December 1, 2022, and employed continuously through the bonus payment date.
  • If an employee qualifies under more than one eligible position, only one bonus will be provided, consistent with the greater amount.

The following employees are not eligible for this one-time bonus:

  • Employees with a full-time annualized salary greater than $150,000 (note: faculty salary calculated on base = academic year salary including administrative stipends)
  • Employees of an RIT subsidiary
  • Employees on an unpaid leave of absence (note: employees on any type of paid leave of absence are eligible if they meet the above criteria)

For more information and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s), please visit the HR website.

Medical Premiums

As a reminder, in addition to the one-time bonus payment and to further support our employees, the medical premiums increase scheduled to go into effect in January 2023 was delayed until July 2023. The University will absorb this increase for all employees for these six months of 2023. The employee portion of the medical premiums will remain unchanged during this time. New premium rate deductions will begin in July 2023. 

We hope that these programs provide some relief for you and your families. We are very grateful for your unwavering commitment to our students and the RIT community. 

If you have any questions, please contact Human Resources or Payroll


David Munson