Pursuit of the extraordinary, the novel, the unexpected

RIT is a place where you can exercise your multiple talents, satisfy your thirst for learning and for doing, and experiment along the way.

We are a university with technology in our name, and you may know us for our world-class engineering, computing, and technology programs. But there’s so much more.

We’re home to nationally ranked art and design majors. We offer more courses in the humanities and social sciences than most liberal arts colleges. Our business programs encourage entrepreneurial thinking and innovation by leveraging technology. Opportunities for deaf and hard-of-hearing students at our National Technical Institute for the Deaf are unmatched by any university in the world. And we have a rich history of unique academic combinations specifically designed to respond to an ever-evolving marketplace.

RIT, founded in the 19th century, is one of the top universities in the nation working at the intersection of technology, the arts, and design. We pride ourselves on preparing our graduates to be citizens of the world and to bring goodness at every turn. That means preparing our students not just for jobs and careers, but also for life. In the RIT context, “innovation” takes on a rich meaning. Along with creativity and originality, it is about inventing the tools, processes, and systems that will make things better than they are.

How are we accomplishing this?

Our students like to dream it and do it. They are not content with just theory and abstract ideas. A few examples: RIT’s MAGIC Spell Studios focuses on education, product development, and commercialization in the areas of film and animation, electronic games, and virtual reality. We are constructing a new Global Cybersecurity Institute that will be a premier center for cybersecurity education, research, and service to corporations and governments. The institute will contain state-of-the-art simulation facilities to produce highly educated and experienced professionals who are positioned to solve the world’s most critical cybersecurity problems—both now and in the future.

We are striving to develop the leading performing arts program in the nation for non-majors to attract the most talented and creative people. Here, we’re offering performing arts partial scholarships to attract students who want to continue their passions along with their chosen field of study.

We are also making progress on a new Innovative Maker and Learning Complex, which will be the largest single construction project on campus in 50 years. Expected to open in 2022, this facility will have a huge makerspace, active-learning classrooms, and elements of the performing arts.

RIT is a place where you can exercise your multiple talents, satisfy your thirst for learning and for doing, and experiment along the way.

We’re always on to something. And we’re having fun!


David C. Munson, Jr., President

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