RIT offers echocardiography certificate

College of Health Sciences and Technology adds stand-alone program

Hamad Ghazle

Rochester Institute of Technology’s Department of Diagnostic Medical Sonography has expanded its offerings this fall to include a certificate program in echocardiography, or cardiac ultrasound.

The 18-month program consists of a year of academic coursework and on-campus-training in the ultrasound-scanning suite and a year of clinical experience in the field.

“Students are assigned to at least two clinical training sites,” said Hamad Ghazle, director of RIT’s Department of Diagnostic Medical Sonography. “At these facilities, students work side-by-side with physicians, echocardiographers, cardiologists and other health care professionals to learn, develop, apply, sharpen and master the necessary skills to perform various echocardiographic examinations.”

The certificate is geared toward practicing sonographers seeking cross training, individuals with degrees in a medical field or the life sciences, or those with other degrees looking to change careers. Applicants must have a year of anatomy and physiology and college physics for entry into the program.

The certificate program was created to meet the growing needs of the national and international medical communities, Ghazle said. Graduates are eligible to take the national certifying examinations and, when in the field, can expect to earn a median salary of $60,000.

Echocardiography is a noninvasive, radiation-free diagnostic imaging technique for evaluating the heart and its chambers, blood flow, ailments and diseases. Echocardiographers perform examinations, obtain images and prepare preliminary reports for physicians, who deliver the final reports.

“Echocardiographers work hand-in-hand with physicians and cardiologists to come up with the final diagnosis,” Ghazle said. “The goal of the certificate program is not only to produce compassionate, well-rounded, responsible and highly skilled echocardiographers, but also leaders who make a difference for themselves and others.”

In addition to the echocardiography certificate, RIT’s College of Health Sciences and Technology also offers a Bachelor of Science degree and a certificate program in diagnostic medical sonography.

“Ultrasound is an exciting and rewarding profession, and is booming,” Ghazle said. “A good number of our students get hired by their clinical sites even before they graduate.”

For more information, contact Hamad Ghazle at hhgscl@rit.edu.


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