Student wins distinguished Statler Scholarship of Excellence

Ndidi Chimah will use funding to advance studies in hospitality and tourism management

RIT hospitality and tourism management student Ndidi Chimah has earned the prestigious Statler Scholarship of Excellence.

Ndidiamaka “Ndidi” Chimah, a third-year hospitality and tourism management major from Baltimore, has been awarded the Statler Scholarship of Excellence. This prestigious scholarship, valued at $25,000, is awarded to students that go above and beyond, excelling in hospitality management programs, and who plan to pursue careers in the field. An additional $500 allowance is provided to the recipient of this award toward a new laptop.

Chimah’s interest in business and entrepreneurship started at a very young age. However, her interest in hospitality blossomed during her junior year of high school while working at a restaurant. A colleague suggested she look up ways to learn more about hospitality after seeing her passion for it. Chimah decided to pursue the field since it deals with service and helping people around her, which she says resonates with her.

“Pursuing a career in hospitality gives me numerous opportunities to put a smile on someone’s face while serving them,” she said. “I truly enjoy being a part of family vacations, honeymoons, weddings, and 50-year anniversaries, for example. I even enjoy making someone’s dinner at a pizza place. For me, it’s about the joy and honor that come with it regardless of how mundane it might seem to a third party.”

Chimah also says that pursuing this field also gives her the flexibility she likes in terms of career choice including hotel management, cruise operations, travel curation, and spa management, to name a few.

“I consider myself to be a very outgoing person and therefore the opportunity to meet people is a bonus,” added Chimah. “And being awarded the Statler Scholarship truly means a lot to me. I can continue my education and develop myself professionally through so many outlets here at RIT.”

Chimah also plans on joining RIT’s A Door to Italy Program, which allows students to get paired with a company in Genova, Italy, and apply for a co-op over the summer. In addition, she would like to continue her studies abroad through CIEE, a global nonprofit organization that allows students to study anywhere in the world.

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