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Company Information

MediSked LLC

Job Information

Senior Software Test Engineer

MediSked, LLC is a growing software firm, headquartered in Rochester, NY. MediSked is the leading brand in holistic solutions that improve lives, drive efficiencies and generate innovations for health and human service organizations that support our community. Because our customers are in the selfless business of making the lives of those they serve as fulfilling as possible, our company is comprised of passionate and proactive people looking to make a difference. We are searching for smart, motivated individuals to join our team that can thrive in a tech business setting but also have a compassionate side that connects to our customers and culture.
The Sr. Software Test Engineer is a technical and passionate individual who is focused on ensuring that the software platforms offered by MediSked, LLC are of top-notch quality.

Expected Competencies:
• Technical Proficiency: Sr. Software Test Engineers possess and maintain deep technology expertise and demonstrate the technical acumen required to deliver world-class products and solutions for human services.
• Client Focus: MediSked employees put themselves in the shoes of the client when evaluating requests, demonstrating daily that we are dedicated experts (both in technology and human services) committed to the same goals as our clients. 
• Ownership: Regardless of their level in the org chart, MediSked employees take ownership of items that come across their desk, seeing that they are brought to fruitful and effective completion, including working across teams and orgs to ensure that all steps required to bring items to closure are completed. Responsibility doesn’t end with a handoff to another person, team or organization.
• Industry Knowledge: We build and maintain a level of expertise in human services as required to speak credibly to clients and to design and deliver software that meets and exceeds the unique needs of this industry.
• Teamwork: Even though we have distinct, specialized teams, we work at all levels of the org chart as a one MediSked to complete deliverables and meet client commitments. We strive for win-win-win resolutions.
• Efficiency: Work across teams – especially when handoffs are required between teams – is done expeditiously and effectively, without dropping the baton.
Primary Responsibilities:
• Review business, UX and software requirements for consistency, completeness and testability
• Create and implement test plans with prioritized test scenarios and supporting scripts that are driven by a deep understanding of client requirements and how the solution is engineered
• Perform risk evaluations of project requirements and subsequently prioritize the execution of test cases
• Work closely with appropriate stakeholders to produce accurate and timely test estimates
• May be responsible for planning out the daily work for teammates and contribute to capacity planning
• Execute manual and possibly automated test plans and scenarios to ensure that features and bug fixes are released to MediSked’s clients in a timely manner and with the highest possible levels of quality
• Function as the technical expert in creating non-production environments
• Work across teams to develop environment specifications and configurations
• Recommend process improvements to ensure system scalability and reliability
• Use technical tools such as GIT, BitBucket, APEX SQL, browser developer console, Fiddler and Wireshark to diagnose and resolve issues
• May be involved in automated tests for front-end and back-end
• Lead testing efforts on small-, medium-, and large-scale projects
• Log all defects found to a central issue-tracking database
• Drive forward the visual appeal and ease-of-use of MediSked’s platforms
• Assist in training and mentoring and reviewing testing processes, automation scripts and test scenarios for other members of the Test Team
• Research and apply industry best practices/concepts/ new technology while addressing constraints of organizational, political and technical hurdles
• Perform other functions as required.

• 6 + years of software testing experience
• Experience with SQL database structures and queries using Microsoft SQL Server 2012/2014
• Experience with C#, ASP.NET Web Forms, MVC, Web API and a willingness to learn new technologies
• Experience with JavaScript and HTML and CSS
• Experience with Kendo UI, Bootstrap, jQuery UI or other front-end JavaScript Frameworks
• Experience using tools to test web services (REST/RESTful/JSON), e.g.: Postman
• Experience with various SDLC methodologies
• Experience with ticketing systems such as Atlassian JIRA
• Great teamwork and communication skills
• Excellent cross-team and collaboration skills
• Ability to succeed in a fast-paced, high intensity environment

Resume Information

Computing, Engineering
Associate, Bachelor

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