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Company Information

Center for Living and Working

Job Information

Deaf Skills Trainer
Worcester, Massachusetts. 01608
United States

• Empower and work with consumers on personal goals
• Advocate for Deaf/Hard of Hearing individuals on local/state levels
• Provide:
o 1:1 independent living skills training and peer support to consumers
o information & referral
o guidance and leadership
• Problem solve
• Work independently and with the team
• Work with individuals with diverse disabilities and cultures

High School or equivalent (GED) required; Bachelor Degree in health/human services, preferred; years of relevant experience may be substituted for Bachelor Degree;

• ASL Fluent
• 2 years minimum of relevant experience working in Deaf/Hard of Hearing
services OR involvement with the Deaf/Hard of Hearing community required;
• Microsoft Office and database management

Resume Information

Liberal Arts

Application Information

Any questions about the position, email Deb Olson at