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Keystone Interpreting Solutions

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St. Paul , Minnesota
United States

● Assist with QuickBooks Online to categorize transactions, reconcile accounts, enter journal entries, and prepare reports.
● Consult employee on utilize QuickBooks with correct entry
● Maintenance of the company’s accounting records, including journal entries of invoices, orders, shipments, purchase orders, time sheets and other documents into the company’s accounting system.
● Interact with the company’s accounting firm as needed for report review and tax filings.

● Ability to communicate with employees in American Sign Language
● Must be an excellent problem-solver
● The ability to provide the consultation on QuickBooks
● The ability to meet deadlines
● The ability to communicate complex data in a clear way
● Exceptional organizational skills
● The ability to prioritize projects
● Team player

● A minimum of an associate degree in Accounting, Finance, or related field (Bachelor’s a plus)
● Proficient in QuickBooks (able to create a new book)
● Possession of QuickBooks certification Preferred

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