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Missouri School for the Deaf

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School Support Associate (IEP) - MSD
Fulton, Missouri
United States

SCHOOL SUPPORT ASSOCIATE (IEP COORDINATOR) SALARY $38,160 annually (11-month position with month of July off) This is an 11-month exempt position that provides support to the teachers and supervisors at the elementary and secondary levels at MSD. Responsibilities involve the development, coordination and implementation of Individual Educational Plans (IEP) for students and others involved in process of working with students at MSD. Job responsibilities also include acting as the District Test Coordinator for all MAP, EOC and district academic testing measures. The job requires regular contact with local school programs to schedule IEP meetings, provide assistance in development of IEPs and positive behavior support plans and to follow up on recommendations made to improve educational progress. ESSENTIAL FUNCTION Maintain current contact with each school district with a Deaf/Hard of Hearing (DHH) student at MSD and provide them with regular updates on various aspects of progress. Articulate the full range of service alternatives available to local education agencies (LEAs) in the state. Interpret reports from Deafness specialists and implications for educational programming. Provide in-service, pre-service, and professional development training. Participate on IEP teams and be the point of contact at MSD for all facets of IEP implementation. Provide technical assistance to LEAs for planning, implementation and evaluation of programs established to serve DHH children. Suggest appropriate instructional strategies and methodology for the student who is DHH. Assist in the preparation of state plans, special education regulations/guidelines and other data relative to the education of students at MSD. Prepare written reports of services. Research/maintain knowledge of the field. Perform related duties as assigned. Serves as a member of the intake team evaluating prospective students. The incumbent must have the ability to perform the essential functions below either with or without reasonable accommodations. EDUCATION REQUIRED/PREFERRED Bachelors and/or Master's Degree in Education of the Deaf or related area from an accredited college or university. Successful experience working with IEP's in a general or special education setting. Eligible for certification in one or more special education teaching areas. Extensive knowledge of the principles and practices involved in the education of the DHH. Thorough knowledge of effective teaching methods and techniques as applied to DHH children. Knowledge of the services provided by state and local agencies working in the area of the education of the Deaf. Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with local school officials, the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education staff, and families in providing programs for DHH children. Ability to establish rapport with Deaf children from birth to age 21. Knowledge of general special education administration. General knowledge of state and federal programs, laws and regulations applicable to the activities of general special education and specific knowledge of state and federal laws as they relate to the DHH. Ability to establish and maintain effective and harmonious working relationships with students, staff and parents. Must meet the required American Sign Language competency level of Advanced.

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